Review - Dave solo, 30 April, 1997, Galaxy Theatre, Santa Ana, CA

Date: May 01, 1997  4:54 PM
From: Robert K. Peirson

David Davies (backed by LA Band Andrew)
Wednesday, April 30th, 1997 at the Galaxy in Santa Ana, CA

This show was very similar to the Luna Park show.  Dave was a little more
relaxed on stage but still depended on a music stand to read the lyrics for
some of the songs.   The place was about half full and with the dinner
seating style it was not too intimate.  I was able to get right up next to
the stage center.  I also saw some familiar faces from the Luna Park show.
There were two highlights for me: 1) Dave finally played a solo tune,
Imagination's Real and 2) got to hear Unfinished Business a new solo song
to appear on a new album and maybe on "Kinks Anthology".

Prior to the show, a tape was played that had Misty Water (from the Great
Lost Kinks Album) and Unfinished Business.  I was told that the tape is an
excerpt from the upcoming "Kinks Anthology".

Before starting Picture Book, Dave asked if there were any requests, I
yelled out "Nothing More to Lose" from is first solo album.  He turned to
me and said, "That's a good one".

After the show I grabbed the Bass Guitar's song list.  Here is what was and
was not played:

Chaze K - opening guitarist
LABEL - Opening band

1. I Need You
2. Beautiful Delilah
3. She's Got Everything
4. Look Through Any Doorway
5. Susannah's Still Alive
6. Creeping Jean
7. Love Me Till the Sun Shines
8. Milk Cow Blues
9. Imagination's Real (from Dave's 1st solo album)
10. Wicked Annabella
11.Picture Book
12.Strangers (excellent rendition)
13.Too Much on My Mind
14.Death of a Clown
  skipped: Sea of Heartbreak
15.Get Back in Line
16.Fortis Green (new Dave Song)
17.Living on a Thin Line
18.Dead End Street
19.I'm Not Like Everybody Else (a jamming piercing version)
20.All Day and All of the Night
22.David Watts

23. Unfinished Business (new Dave song)
  skipped: One Night
  skipped: My Way
  skipped: Little Queenie
24.You Really Got Me


Rob Peirson