Review - Ray solo, 30 April, 1998, Wadsworth Theater, Los Angeles

Date: May 2 1998 3:20 PM
From: Robert Peirson

Ray Davies - Wadsworth Theater, Los Angeles - Thursday, April 30th

The Signings:

Prior to the concert I went to the Virgin Megastore in Burbank where Ray was signing copies of his CD "The Storyteller". A little over 100 people showed up. The signing was to start at 3pm but Ray showed up fashionably late at 3:15pm. He appeared in good spirits and talked a bit to those seeking signatures. At first, they were very strict about him only signing the CD or his book X-Ray. But many got back in line and the second time around he signed posters, albums and other items. I got two CD's signed and got a picture with Ray. Everyone who came got a signature as Ray left right at 4pm.

The Show:

I would say that the Wadsworth Theater holds about 1,400 and it was close to a sellout. Ray came on stage only 15 minutes past 8pm and gave a longer than usual show that ended around 10:40pm. I was please to see that the show was different than his past two tours. Some of the older stories were dropped and new ones added. He opened with Lola and did some other unexpected tunes such as Rock and Roll Fantasy, Celluloid Heroes, Come Dancing and Stop Your Sobbing. Overall a wonderful experience.

The Songs:

Dead End Street
Rock and Roll Fantasy
20th Century Man
London Song
Old Black Magic
Tired of Waiting
Set Me Free
See My Friends
Autumn Almanac
Stop Your Sobbing
Art School Babe
It's Alright
Back In the Front Room
I'm Not Like Everyone Else
Well Respected Man
Dedicated Follower of Fashion
The Ballad Of Julie Finkle
You Really Got Me (acoustic)
- - -
Waterloo Sunset
- - -
You Really Got Me (electric)
Celluloid Heroes
Come Dancing comments by Rob Peirson