KPS4 3603 - The Songs Of Dave Davies

Release info:

Produced by: The Kinks Preservation Society
Release date: May 2007
Record label & catalog #: KPS4 3608
Country: USA
Format: CD
Release type: Tribute album
Description/Notes: Tribute album made by members of the Kinks mailing list


1. Love Gets You   stereo mix, by Laurie Lyons & Ray Coughlin, recorded 2007
2. Rats   stereo mix, by Will Hawthorne, recorded 2007
3. Fortis Green   stereo mix, by The Spivs, recorded 2001, overdubs 2007
4. Strangers   stereo mix, by Adam McIntyre, recorded 2007
5. This Man He Weeps Tonight   stereo mix, by Craig Bell with Eisenhower Field Day, recorded 2007
6. Telepathy   stereo mix, by John Dunbar, recorded 2007
7. Lincoln County   stereo mix, by Jim Smart, recorded 2007
8. Flowers In The Rain   stereo mix, by The Rafens, recorded 2007
9. You Don't Know My Name   stereo mix, by The Breetles, recorded 2007
10. There Is No Life Without Love   stereo mix, by The Band of Men, recorded 2007
11. Living On A Thin Line   stereo mix, by Paul Mamolou with CJ Marshall, Elwood-James and Todd Kowalski, recorded 2007
12. Death Of A Clown   stereo mix, by Quarter Draw Band, recorded 2007
13. Funny Face   stereo mix, by R. Stevie Moore, recorded 2007
14. I Am Free   stereo mix, by The Kinky2, recorded 2007
15. Rock You, Rock Me   stereo mix, by Radio Sneakers, recorded 2007
16. Wait Till The Summer Comes Along   stereo mix, by Erron Geer, recorded 2007
17. When You Were A Child   stereo mix, by Ron Fowler, recorded 2007
18. Fortis Green   stereo mix, as "Je Vroege Jeugd" (Dutch translation) by Kink in de Kabel, recorded 2007
19. Strangers   stereo mix, by Crimson Tears, recorded 2007
20. Susannah's Still Alive   stereo mix, by Well Respected Max & The Art Lovers, recorded 2007
21. Rock 'N' Roll Cities   mono mix, by Mitch Friedman, recorded 2007

Liner Notes:

A production of The Kinks Preservation Society
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Joanne Corsano - Executive producer and project coordination
Jim Smart - Compilation assembly
Mastered by Mitch Friedman and Jim Smart
Graphic design by Mark Wegman
Olga Ruocco - Aesthetic guidance

This collection is a tribute to
Mr. David Russell Gordon Davies who wrote, played and sang the songs that inspired this collection.
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