When You Were A Child

Written by: Dave Davies

Published by: EMI Music Publishing Ltd.

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We are born to this fantasy
Can't believe what they've done to you
Hard to see all these years go round
Taught to hide all that's true inside

What was it like
When you were a child?
Did you see the world
In a different light?
When the veil came down
Our destiny grew away from us
Don't it make you weep
Can't you see

I believe that we were meant for each other
We'll get along somehow
If they leave us alone
Why don't they let us be
...Just what we want to be
Don't it make you weep, can't you see?

I can't believe what they've done to you
They've got you just where they wanted you

When we sleep, dream each other's dreams
Casting memories on a sea of hope
Remember life as a child could be
Bring it back for all of us to see

What was it like
When you were a child?
How did it feel?
Did your mother treat you kind?
Mend those broken toys?

For in your heart there's innocence
Waiting to be free, can't you see?

When you were a child

This song can be found on the following releases:

stereo mix, recorded Jun-Jul 1986 at Konk Studios, Hornsey, London
Think Visual Nov 1986 UK London 828 030-2 CD
Think Visual 17 Nov, 1986 UK London LONLP 27 12" vinyl LP (album), 33 1/3 RPM
Think Visual 24 Nov, 1986 USA MCA MCA-5822 12" vinyl LP (album), 33 1/3 RPM
Think Visual Jan 1987 USA MCA MCAD-5822 CD
Anthology - Unfinished Business 9 Nov, 1998 UK Essential/Castle Communications ESS CD 584 2 CD set

stereo mix, by Ron Fowler, recorded 2007
KPS4 3603 - The Songs Of Dave Davies May 2007 USA KPS4 3608 CD

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